Wichita Kansas - scenebykimberly
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One of the most unique features of the Kansas Aviation Museum are the volunteers. A rich mix of aviation specialists, the list of plane restoration experts spans the spectrum from metal workers to mechanics and from welders to aviation engineers.
The Stearman 4D came to the Kansas Aviation Museum in tatters, the frame requiring straightening at the body shops of local purveyor of automobiles and KAM supporter Davis Moore. No drawings could be found. So loyal volunteers used remaining pieces of the plane to scale photographs and from those reteived measurements used to prepare working drawings. Then they began the laborious process of rebuilding the plane.
Six years in the making, this iconic plane was used by none other than Texaco to puddle jump around oil fields in Kansas and Oklahoma. First known as the Texaco 11, it later was changed to the Texaco 14.
The area in which the plane will be displayed will be staged to take on the appearance of an early, Wichita manufacturing facility with antique tools, wing ribs under construction and the like. The project includes renovation of the space in which the exhibt will be housed and informational signage related to the aircraft.